2015 Goals

So, the black is what I originally set out to do , and I’ve annotated in green (seemed more soothing than green). If I blogged about it, I tried to link to the event, but I make no promises.

  • Read 40,000 pages (no set number of books)
    • In 2014, I read about 10 pages shy of 36,000, so this is an increase. However, that doesn’t count the books that I reread and didn’t count on Goodreads. I love to reread old favorites, so I think this will work for me better.
  • Running
    • Run 2 half marathons
      • Disney Princess Half Marathon (February 2015)
    • Run 2 10ks
    • Run 1 race/month, regardless of distance
      • February – Frozen 5K, Disney Princess Half Marathon
      • March
      • April
      • May
      • June
      • July
      • August
      • September
      • October
      • November
      • December
  • Blog at least 2x a week (woo! dream big, Elizabeth)
  • Health stuff
    • Try to do VB6 again during the work week. I really do feel better when I eat like that (she says as she eats an egg and cheese bagel at her desk). I’m not going to beat myself up if it doesn’t happen perfectly everyday, but I I’d like to attempt it.
    • Work out consistently. I feel better when I do this. Who would have thought a healthy diet and regular activity would make you feel better?
  • Be more grateful
    • I feel like I spent a lot of last year waiting for things to get better/easier/more pleasant, and I didn’t focus on all the good — I have a job I love, friends I adore in cities all over the country, the ability to do what I want, and a fabulous support network. That, and the greatest dog in the world. I really am incredibly lucky, and I need to remind myself of that.
  • Have fun! Seriously.

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