Oops, I Did It Again


I feel like this keeps happening — I get in a bad place mentally, and the idea of zoning out and just running/having a concrete goal sounds tempting. So, I sign up for a race — and a long one — before I remember, oh shit, now I have to train.

In my post-election haze, I’ve just not been motivated to exercise. Combine that with a hectic work month and a horribly rolled left ankle, I haven’t really done much besides sign up for the race and think about how much it’s going to suck running that long on no training. My ankle is feeling better and the work nuttiness will calm down drastically today, so I’m basically out of excuses on why I haven’t started the process.

I chose the Rock ‘n’ Roll race in DC for a variety of reasons, mostly because it literally runs by my apartment at about the halfway point, so I’ll be used to the terrain. My work schedule is generally so wonky in the spring that I’m hesitant to commit to travel outside of the DC area this far out, and I’ll have few excuses to not complete the race.

My plan right now (and I use plan loosely) is to use December as a base-building month — get back up to running 2-3 miles on the weekdays, and 3-5 on the weekend, before I officially start “training” in January. The race is March 11, and I think that 8-9 weeks is more than enough time to get up to the half marathon distance again. I’ll probably make a more in-depth training plan once I realize how horribly out-of-shape I am in the next few weeks.

I’ve also been using ClassPass in DC, and I think that I can use that as a nice complement to the distance training, plus toning for a wedding I’m in next April. I don’t want to lose that, so it looks like I’m going to be back to 5-6 days of exercise a week soon enough.




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