Southshore Half Marathon: The Plan

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 14.03.33 So there it is in all it’s glory: my well-thought-out training plan for the Southshore Half I’ll be running in November. To be 100% honest, I’m already a little off. Whoops. I made the plan before I knew I’d be driving over 4th of July weekend back to DC with the Taff and definitely before I knew that I’d fall over an ironing board and hurt my wrist in Tanzania. #klutz

That obviously forced me to make some changes, but I feel like so long as I hit all of the cardio workouts, I’ll be doing okay, and if I can’t do barre for a little bit because of my gimp arm, that’s okay, too. I want to enjoy this experience, not kill myself (hence why I also have no time goals).  In all seriousness, I put a lot of thought into creating a plan that would get me to the race feeling strong and still allowing me to wear heels for a wedding that I’m in in November. One of the big things I learned from the Princess Half is that my body really can’t handle more than 3 days a week running; that seems to be the sweet spot before my right foot rebels. So, I’ve added in spin classes (plus I’m obsessed with Flywheel), and I want to try and do Barre at least once a week to try and strengthen my core. Sunday’s “cross training” isn’t defined because I don’t want to commit myself – it could be a long walk with Taffy, it could be the elliptical while watching HBOGO, it could be a fun fitness class with friends. IMG_2223 I’ve also bought Hokas, after reading about people singing their praises for those with foot issues. They look a little ridiculous, but if they can save my feet from hurting/falling apart, I’ll get used to the feeling of wearing moonshoes. The people that I’ve known to have them swear by them, and they are way more comfortable than my Mizunos. I’ll be breaking them in over the weekend, so I’ll update you next week. I’m sure everyone will be on the edge of their seats about it. I’ve been flipping through these blog archives and MFP tracking, and I realize that I’ve used a lot of the upheaval of the last year – moving, winter, travel, injury, etc etc etc – to let myself get lazy again. I had been on a roll, and I honestly enjoy working out, but I have a hard time getting back in the groove once I’ve lost it. I have definitely lost it. I’m going to be a little bit harder on myself from now on – it’s called work for a reason, and there is no reason that I shouldn’t devote 45 minutes of my day to improving me. I spend more than that on my job, on Taffy, on making dinner and lunch — why can’t I get it together enough to exercise? Or more accurately, why do I keep making excuses to not exercise?

I digress.

There’s the plan, I think it’s manageable, and I hopefully will make it through without another injury.

judgmental taffy
you mean, you’re still talking about this?

On that note, I’m out.


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