Scale Shock

So, this morning, I got on the scale for the first time in 2015. No, I’m not exaggerating. I knew I had gained weight – hi, my name is Elizabeth, and I eat my feelings – but I had no idea quite how much. I haven’t been able to work out hard in a while (due to no one’s fault but my own), and I haven’t been eating the best, but I didn’t think the damage was that bad. I’m fairly active, even without formal exercise classes, and I don’t eat the worst…  
Okay, okay – I’ll follow the advice of my favorite cocker spaniel and accept that sh*t needs to get real over here. I’m about 10 pounds heavier than I thought (I’m tall), and what I thought was 8-10 pounds more than what I weighed at the end of last summer. Whoops.

My 29th birthday is next month (August 13!), and I’d like to have made some noticeable progress by then in a few areas: diet, exercise, and alcohol consumption. Beyond that, I’d like to be in better shape and I’d like to my clothes to fit without all of my extra “fluff.”



This is obviously the biggest area of improvement for me, as there is a lot to work on. With all of my travel recently, I’ve been in “eat all the things” mode while I’ve been at home, with little regard for calorie counts! I just can’t really eat much while I’m on the road — it’s hard with food aversions and food allergies plus guidelines to not eat certain foods like raw veggies — and I basically subsist on carbs and red wine. While delicious, that is ultimately not sustainable. I know that I can clean up my diet without a ton of effort, and I know that I’ll definitely feel better once I do so.

Some easy goals:

  • Eat Vegan before 6 at least until Labor Day
  • Drink at least 100 ounces of water every day
  • Eat out sparingly (one lunch and one-two dinners)
  • Get 6-8 servings of fruits and veggies a day
  • Actually track consistently on MyFitnessPal



This is one area that I think will be simultaneously easy and hard. Hard because I’m out of shape and I fractured my wrist in Tanzania (Ironing board – 1, Elizabeth – 0) and easy because I’m tired of being out of shape and I have something to work towards.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 11.14.38

Yes, that happened, even after I said that I wasn’t ever going to attempt to run that far again. To be fair, I was at a low point – I had the flu, none of my clothes were fitting, and I was just exhausted in between Namibia and Tanzania. Training starts…today, and I’ve made my own training plan that takes into account my interests and my bad feet. More on that later this week, but I think it will be successful. That, or I’ll really regret this life choice on November 2.

I plan on following my ghetto homemade training plan, and in addition to that, I want to get at least 15,000 steps a day on FitBit. This is easy most days, especially since I have Taffy back in DC with me. I’d also like to add a quick abs routine in 3-4 days a week, just to try to strengthen my core.


So, when I lived alone (all the way back in Atlanta), I didn’t really have a hard time not drinking at the end of the work day. Often, I’d walk Taffy and then go work out, and I didn’t really want a glass of wine after that. I also had a policy in law school where I wouldn’t drink by myself; if I wanted a beer or something, I had to find a friend to have one with me. Neither of these things currently apply to my life.

I try to work out in the mornings, and I now live with people, so the two things that kept me from indulging daily…don’t. It’s something that I want to try and get under control. To be fair, I’m not binge drinking or getting wasted on a daily basis, but I think that my nightly glass two glasses of wine aren’t helping with keeping me in fighting form. I’m not going to say that I won’t drink — that’s not feasible, especially since DC is the land of happy hours — but I want to limit it to 1-2 nights a week/social occasions – not just a mindless glass of rose at the end of the day. #basic

These are all minor tweaks that I’ve made in the past, and I know that I can still have an enjoyable (and social!) life while following these “guidelines.” I don’t want to get too fixated on my weight (I’m all about non-scale victories), but I plan on being much more regular about checking in on stuff like that. I’ll probably do an update in about a month or so — I feel like that’s enough time to make some real changes (not just water weight). Let the games begin!

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