Coffee Talk

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This may actually be the story of my life, or at least, travel season 2015.

To be honest, if we were having coffee today, it would be at the Dunkin Donuts kiosk (cart?) at Dulles because I’m headed off again! I’m not sad about it; there is little more in this life that I enjoy more than American drip coffee. #basic

One of the benefits of spending my entire life on airplanes/in airports is that I have a ton of time to read. I’m ove halfway to my goal of 40,000 pages (and I think I’m missing a few books), and there have been some winners recently:

  • The Boys in the Boat, Daniel James Brown
  • Ready Player One, Ernest Cline
  • The Montmoray Journals, Michelle Cooper
  • A God in Ruins, Kate Atkinson
  • Gilded Lives, Fatal Voyage, Hugh Brewster
  • Dead Wake, Erik Larson
  • A Darker Shade of Magic, V.E. Schwab

At some point, I’ll post more about these. I also have a pretty stout queue on my kindle app for the flight today/tomorrow to Dar.

Yes, I head to Tanzania today. I’m actually a little “ehh” about the whole trip, which kind of sucks: it will be my first time there, my first time to see the Indian Ocean, and our meeting is in a hotel on the beach. I’m just so tired/burned out/over it, and I hope that I snap out of it soon. Like, by 545 PM, soon.

You know those quizzes that you take about what fictional character you are? A few days ago, I was talking to the roommates, and I ended up taking one about what HP character I would be, according ot my Meyers-Briggs personality type. I didn’t know that, either, so I obviously did that first. Found out that I’m INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging): “The Protector.” After reading through it, it’s super on point, but you don’t care about that. You want to know what HP character I’d be, don’t you?

I don’t hate this, and I’d love to be a werewolf. True life.

And then, this week, one of my favorite bloggers (Modern Mrs. Darcy) had a list of “The perfect summer reading guide for every Meyers-Briggs personality type” — and mine was To Kill a Mockingbird; only one of my favorite books, set about 90 minutes north of my hometown. Good call! I’ve already preordered Go Set a Watchman, controversy be damned, and I plan on rereading about Scout and Dill beforehand.

Hmm. What else? I think that’s about it — and I need to go pack! Yes, all of this travel has made me remarkably laissez-faire about traveling. I know this wasn’t the most exciting, but the only constants in my life right now are caffeine, airport concourses, and my Kindle app. Kwa herini!


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