Survival Mode

That’s what I’ve been in the past few months. Yes, yes, I know I resolved to do better in maintaining this space, but then life smacked me in the face. Since March 24, I have spent less than 2 weeks at my apartment. None of that includes a full weekend.

In that time, I’ve gone to Thailand, Germany, and Namibia; spent a stressful 10 minutes clearing customs and running through Bahrain; attended “church camp” in Kenya; and I’m currently packing my bags to go to Tanzania on Friday. Oh, and I went to three weddings (and missed three more) and moved.

To say that I’m living for June 27, when 2015 whirlwind travel ends, is the understatement of the century.

I feel like I’m barely holding it together in most aspects of my life, which is something I hope to change in July. I just have to get through the next week — well ten days-ish. I just signed up for a half marathon, I’m already planning all the things that I can cook in my kitchen, and I have a list a mile long of fun things to do in DC.

I want to be more active here, too. I want to talk about my life, and my training, and my attempts to be healthy (and lose all of my stress-eating extra weight). So, I’ll be back here, too. I make no promises as to how often or how substantive the posts will be, but I’ll try not to go 5 months next time.

Pinky swear.

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