Struggle City

Right after I started this post, I went to the bathroom in my office, and someone stopped me to say they liked my necklace. I looked down (didn’t exactly remember what I was wearing) and realized that there was a huge glob of oatmeal on it from my desk breakfast that I didn’t notice. That pretty much sums up how today this week is going.

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you feel like nothing is going right? I’m having one of those. I’m stressed. I’m overtired. I’m snapping at people that I work with because I’m frustrated. I’m subsisting pretty much on carbs and caffeine. So not winning at life right now.

There have been work crises, long hours, the start of an illness, and some family stuff going on. Sorry to #vagueblog, but I don’t really want to go into much more detail because some aren’t my stories to tell. Its not even the big stuff. Its the small things, all conspiring to make life more difficult.

For example, this morning, I couldn’t find my metro card. I spent probably 30 minutes tearing apart my apartment looking for it, and my only conclusion is that it fell out of my coat pocket some time last night while walking Taffy. NBD. I went to the metro station, intending to buy a new card and transfering all funds over; after waiting in line for 15 minutes, we all realize that credit card operations are down. Predictably, the ATM is out of order, so I can’t get cash. Thank goodness I haven’t cleaned out the bottom of my work bag in a while because I was able to scrounge up $4.00 worth of coins to get to the office.

Seriously. Can’t a girl get a break?

Unfortunately, my way of dealing with this is stress eating. I know I should do it, but does that stop me? Absolutely not.


In the past few days, I’ve eaten more chocolate than I should, plus I’ve had french fry casserole for dinner 2/3 nights. That doesn’t even touch Super Bowl Sunday. Thankfully, my pants aren’t feeling any tighter, which could change if things don’t start going my way.

I do have to run tonight (30-45 minutes), and its very windy outside, so I may channel my buddy below on the treadmill.

I know all of this will pass, but I just hope it passes soon. Like, today soon. Otherwise, I’m going to sart looking into cleansing my aura. It is starting to get a little ridiculous.

This week’s mantra: If Britney can get through 2007, you can get through this.

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