Stuff I Love | January

like mother, like daughter
Taffy also loves Harry Potter

Re-reading old favorites | So, I decided at some point a few weeks ago (probably after I binge-watched all the movies over Christmas) to reread the Harry Potter series. Admittedly, this is my favorite book series of all time, but I don’t think that I’ve reread them all in one sitting…ever. That all changes now! I am currently about 200 pages into Chamber of Secrets, and its amazing how forward-thinking J.K. Rowling was! There are hints of things to come in Books 3, 4, 7 all over the place, and I love finding those Easter eggs. Yes, I’m really cool. Why do you ask?

Stir-fries | I’m a true believer that everything tastes better in a bowl, and I’m now coming around to the idea that everything tastes better stir-fried. It’s the perfect #sassydesklunch — tastes good warm or cold (depending on if I can make it the microwave before I get hangry) and I can make a big batch on Sunday night to eat all week. Current favorites include: Spicy Kale Stirfry by Cookie and Kate, Brussels Sprouts and Butterbut Squash Stirfry by Domesticate Me, and a breakfast stirfry with leftover bacon, eggs, green onions, red peppers and hot sauce from the kitchen of Elizabeth.

Parks and Recreation | I love Amy Poehler, and so it’s no surprise that I love Parks and Rec. I’m thrilled that its come back for its final season (and simultaneously heartbroken that its ending this season). So many amazing things to look forward to: Cones of Dunshire! Johnny Karate! Ron and Leslie fighting! TreatYoSelf2017! Amy Poehler’s bangs! #PawneeForever

Kettlebells | Way back when I used to live in Atlanta and work out regularly, I took Kettlebell classes, and I loved them in a way I didn’t know I could love hard exercise. I was stronger, my core was tighter, my upper arms didn’t wobble as much. It was fabulous. I haven’t found a spot to work out with KBs in DC yet (though I’m definitely looking!), but my apartment gym got some last week. I’ve loved tacking a quick KB circuit — these two are favorites from Pumps and Iron and Meals and Moves — onto cardio.


Decorating my work space | Obviously, I spend most of my waking hours in my cube at work, and I decided that I wanted it to be a little bit happier. I’ve been gradually sneaking things in to the office, and I now love walking in to see all my colors. A few highlights from L to R: a fun elephant print that used to live in my Atlanta apartment, a piece from my Eden W. Flora art subscription, calligraphy by my friend EKM about my #bffaeae Mindy Kaling, a sassy cocker spaniel luggage tag, an angel ornament from my godmother, a small painting from Augusta Wilson, and a print I won in college for art history trivia.

My new glasses | I love, love, love my glasses from Warby Parker. I have had two pairs for a while — the Duckworth in blue, and another pair whose name escapes me because Taffy ate them shortly after we moved to DC (yes, she was acting out).  I like having a pair of back-up glasses, just in case, and I’ve been rocking one set of frames since the week before Thanksgiving. I finally committed to ordering new ones last week (Durand in Woodland Tortoise), and I’m obsessively tracking the shipping.


Trivia Crack |  The name is correct — this is completely addicting. I’m playing like 10 games at once, and I wish I could make everyone play it. I don’t know why its so compelling, but it is. My favorite category is history, and I found out that I’m bad at geography and obscure sports trivia — who really knows anything about Formula One drivers or women’s volleyball? Well, not me, at least.

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