mom, you’re the worst at this.

Hi? Um, is this thing on? For the two of you that are still reading this, I’m alive and well. Oh, and I moved to Washington, DC. And started a new job. And am living with roommates for the first time since junior year of college. And am trying on the daily to not get lost wandering around my new city.

Is that a good enough reason for not have blogged in oh, about 2 months? Yes? Good.

So, yes, things have changed quite a bit since I last chatted with people in this little space. Taffy and I have moved north (the furthest north I’ve ever lived in my life!), and we are getting all settled in to our new digs. I’m really liking it so far, even if getting here hasn’t been the easiest process.

preach it.


I want to commit to writing here more because a) I like to talk, and I don’t have that many friends here yet; b) I want people that I don’t get to see on the regular to know how I fill my days; c) I do what I want (if I haven’t already articulated that in other entries on this blog.

Some things haven’t changed though — I’m still trying to make myself a runner (the Princess Half is so soon); I’m still trying to be healthy (right now that’s more of a high-five my pants still fit after a month of exclusively eating in restaurants); I’m still obsessed with my dog.

i just love this picture.


I guess the tl;dr version is: the more things change, the more things stay the same.


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