Day in the Life: August 4

When I decided to do a “day in the life” post, I didn’t want to stage a perfect day — like, look at me, I’m so awesome and virtuous. So, I randomly selected a few days (May 13, June 26, August 4, September 26, November 3, and December 10), and I decided not to do anything completely out of the ordinary. What follows is a true version of what happened Monday, August 4.

True story: I made notes on this on my phone on August 4, but didn’t finish the post before I vanished off the face of the internet. I’m hoping that my notes (some of which read like nonsense) are easy to interpret. I guess we’ll see.


4:45 – Alarm goes off. Oh god, it’s so early.

5:10 AM – Hop in the car on the way to Pure Barre. Surprisingly, some jerk is on my tail the entire first mile of the trip. I don’t know why someone is in a hurry this time of day — and no, he didn’t turn down to go to the nearby hospital. Snack on my pre-workout food: brown rice rice cake and peanut butter.

5:19 AM – Arrive at Pure Barre!

5:30 – 6:25 AM – Lift tone burn, before I’m entirely awake. Whoops.

6:48 AM – Back home, hop in the shower.

7:01 AM – All those fun getting ready things: drying hair, brushing teeth, making breakfast/lunch, getting dressed, replying to work emails.


7:14 AM – One of the joys of working for where I do this year has been a series of unfortunate disease news: small pox, anthrax, and now Ebola. Thrillingly, I get texts all the time about Ebola, and I answer lots of questions about it.

7:26 – 7:34 AM – Walk Taffy!

There was a note here that read “lunch leak coffee mascara.” I have zero clue what that means.

7:50 – 8:01 AM – Commute. This is the first week that Atlanta schools are back in session, so I’m pleasantly surprised at how quick this is.


8:21 AM – Standard at-desk breakfast: whole wheat bagel thin, half a banana, and peanut butter. Plus coffee. All the coffee.

8:37 AM – One of my biggest pet peeves is people talking at normal volumes at their desk phone. Especially when it’s a personal call that has been going on for 10 minutes.

8:43 AM – Bathroom break 1. When I come back, cubicle neighbor is finally off the phone. Whew.

9:10 AM – Chatty cube neither is now  watching something about Michael Strahan on her computer. Sans headphones. Who needs headphones?

9:15 AM – Take a lap around the office for my sanity.


9:37 AM – Check instagram. Laugh out loud for about 5 minutes.


9:47 AM – Make a glass of tea, run to the bathroom part 2, take an outfit selfie.

10:52 AM- And the music comes back on. Who the hell thinks it is okay to listen to rap music, in the workplace, without headphones?!

11:05 AM – Get some more water and take a quick break to read the CDC and Emory Facebook pages. #Ebola

11:19 AM – Eat a stale rice cake. This is a time when I can’t really tell the difference between hunger and boredom.

11:28 AM – For some reason, my entire right leg hurts. This is not good.

12:04 PM – Get to a breaking point and head to the car for my Taffy break.


12:18 – 12:40 PM – Walking taffy, staging arty photos, and discovering a huge stain on my skirt that has been there for a while. Just your normal lunch break.

12:51 PM – Arrive back at the office.

1:20 PM – Start eating lunch. I have no idea what I ate, and I failed in taking a picture. Most likely, it was some sort of salad. My life is super exciting.

2:13 PM – I’m found to lose my mind sitting still at my desk, so I make another lap around the office.


2:51 PM – Ugh. That’s not my name.


3:20 PM – Snacktime! I’ve been very hungry today (obviously, since I had three meals and two snacks), and I dig a Kind Bar out of my snack drawer.

3:42 PM – Fall down the Disney rabbit hole, as Sudie sends me information about our hotel and all other hotels on Disney property.

4:22 PM – Head to the car for the commute home.

4:40 – 5:20 PM Get home! Walk Taffy around the neighborhood across the street and take a conference call at the same time.

5:39 – 6:09 PM – Elliptical time.


6:15 – 6:36 PM – Chop vegetables for this week’s lunches.


6:43 PM – Some of my college friends have a kickball team that plays in Piedmont Park on Monday nights. I didn’t join because I couldn’t make it work with my schedule, but tonight, I’m in town and they need another girl, so I head there to drink beer and spend time outside.

8:51 PM – Get home from kickball. It was surprisingly hard. I managed to score 1 run, and I’m afraid I pulled a muscle in my leg. Seriously. Going from a dead stop to a sprint is both something I do very often.

8:58 – 9:05 PM – Walk Taffy.


9:10 PM – Scarf down stir fry leftovers for dinner. I’m starving, and it is way later than I normally eat. Way later.


9:20 PM – Cook veggies for lunches this week.

9:49 PM – Try to motivate myself to clean up the kitchen.


10:07 PM – Actually clean up the kitchen.  Wipe off the stove top, put cooked veggies in the fridge, make sure there isn’t anything on the floor that the dog would want to eat.

10:17 – 10:30 PM – Taffy’s last jaunt of the evening.

10:43 PM – Start the bedtime process: PJs, teeth brushed, face washed.

10:51 PM – I’m so happy to be in bed, and predictably, Taffy has been hit with a burst of energy. She finally calms down after about 15 minutes, and I pass out hard about 2 minutes after that. Whew.





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