VB6 28 Day Challenge: Week 4 + Reflections

Wow! I can’t believe a) July is already over (and it has been for a few days), and b) it was so easy to eat vegan for 66% of the time. I think a big reason for this is that I live in a place where it is easy to find quick vegan food (ATL) and that most of my travel is to a place where it is easy to find quick vegan food (DC). In an ideal world, I would lovingly prepare all of my food but that is not at all realistic. Unfortunately, work is busy and the Melrose Hotel doesn’t have a kitchen in its standard rooms.
This week wasn’t my best week, food wise. I got lazy towards the end of the week, and I pretty much subsisted on carbs. Not surprisingly, that wasn’t satisfying, and I ended up eating not awesomely and too much. Who would’ve thought? However, I got back on track when I finally dragged myself to the grocery store, and I’ve eaten well the past few days.
Yes, even though the 28 day challenge itself is over, I am still eating VB6. When I fill my diet with mostly vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, I feel better. I found it to be easy, I don’t feel deprived of anything, and I think it is sustainable. I learned that I really enjoy a savory breakfast, so I’m going to try and find a few things that fit into that category and are vegan. The one thing that I consistently miss is eggs. I love eggs. I know, I think I’ve said this every week. I don’t miss them in the day-to-day (well, I do, but I can get over it), its really when I brunch with friends. So, I think on the weekends, I’m going to do 2 vegan meals, 1 non-vegan meal, without thoughts to the time of day. AKA I can have eggs at brunch and then eat salad for dinner. YOLO.

So, this is the last “official” post for a while about this, and I want to say thanks for reading this navel-gazing riveting post about my diet. On to what I ate:


Breakfast: Bagel + peanut butter + banana

Lunch: Grilled terayaki tofu + Mediterranean crunch salad + Blueberry pomegranate Kind Bar (thanks Whole Foods)

Dinner: Malbec + Steak salad from Vine and Tap

Workout: Got stuck on the phone with Delta, so I missed my workout window


Breakfast: Kind bar + coffee on the way to DC

Lunch: Kung pao tofu + seaweed salad at the office in DC (not the healthiest but bomb.com)

Dinner: Rice bowl from Shophouse: brown rice, chicken, summer squash, and pickles. I truly believe everything tastes better in a bowl.

Snack: more Kung pao tofu (it was a big order)

Workout: Walking so much all over DC that I had to buy commuter flip-flops


Breakfast: Sesame tofu + Cabbage Crunch salad from WF (I told you I liked savory breakfast)

Lunch: Much beloved Chic P salad from Sweetgreen

Dinner: Shake Shack burger + fries

Snack: some sort of Vegan protein bar, I don’t remember the brand

Workout: Just steps (in my commuter flip-flops)


Breakfast: Protein bar while walking all over DC

Lunch: Make your own salad from Sweetgreen: kale/spinach base, avocado, pita chips, cucumber, carrots, onion, sprouts, spicy broccoli, peppers, and baked falafel. SO GOOD.

Dinner: 1/2 a chicken sandwich from Joe’s on Juniper in ATL

Snack: Odwalla bar

Workout: Blast 900! (More on this tomorrow)


Breakfast: Sesame tofu + bok choy from WF

Lunch: Mock chicken salad wrap + vegan PB cookie + chips

Dinner: with friends at Noche. I had chips + guacamole, a steak taco, and a trailer park chicken taco + beer + vodka-soda

Snack: English muffin with peanut butter

Workout: Flywheel


Breakfast: Bagel with avocado that was on its last legs in the fridge

Lunch: Hummus + bagel chips

Dinner: Whole Foods pizza + garlicky kale salad (with extra spinach added in)

Snack: Popcorn (all the carbs!)

Workout: Does apartment cleaning count? If not, just steps.


Breakfast: English muffin + peanut butter

Lunch: I have no idea, and it was 2 days ago. Not a good sign.

Dinner: Spicy Kale stirfry (yes, I liked it so much last week that I made it again)

Workout: 20 min stationary bike + first consecutive mile since the great foot pop of early summer 2014

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