What I Ate Wednesday: July 21

Well, its technically What I Ate Monday, but since its posting on WIAW, I figured that would make more sense as a title. Alliteration for the win.



I really love a savory breakfast (which was why I had eggs everyday before starting this VB6 challenge), and that’s been hard for me to find recently. Last week I made my own savory breakfast with selections from the Foggy Bottom Whole Foods hot bar, and I liked it enough to try and recreate it at home. Sunday night, I baked some tofu (using this method, which always works) and made a sweet potato/onion/spinach/mushroom hash. That + coffee = not too shabby.


Midmorning (around 11?), I had the other half of my breakfast : a small Fiji apple and a green juice I bought because I had a reward at Starbucks. I would never pay $5.95 regularly (well, not when my favorite Arden’s Garden is only $2.99).



I made this Green Goddess quinoa bowl from Domesticate Me for lunch this week. I followed the recipe exactly as written, omitting the tomatoes, and OMG, it is delicious. The epitome of a sassy desk lunch. Its incredibly filling and like Serena says, I did feel more virtuous after eating it. I see this staying in the rotation even post VB6.



1.5 tablets of Nuun Fruit Punch in between the gym (20 min stairmill, 15 min elliptical) and Pure Barre. When I got home from walking Taffy (again before Pure Barre), I had a serving of Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato tortilla chips (an inspired impulse purchase) with some leftover edamame salsa from Whole Foods.




I have to say that I think the thing I miss most during the day isn’t meat or cheese but eggs. That makes sense, given that I ate eggs every morning and the other two sporadically. In an attempt to not have breakfast for dinner every night, I was looking for some recipes that were easy, had eggs, and contained vegetables. This week’s winner: Kale and Coconut Stirfry by Cookie and Kate. I accidentally forgot to add the coconut, so I guess mine was just Kale stirfry, but that isn’t nearly as catchy. I also didn’t have green onion, so I subbed half a diced red onion, and I added 1 more egg. This was bomb.com. The leftovers were even better. I’m contemplating making it again today.

And that’s it!

One thing that’s been nice about doing both VB6 and working from home this week (not DC) has been that I’m forced out of my comfort zone in the kitchen. I’m making things that I wouldn’t normally — um, tofu for breakfast?! — but I’m enjoying it, and I love cooking regularly. Everything that I ate Monday, I can see myself making again…and again — and the leftovers were great on Tuesday and Wednesday! Wins all around.







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