VB6 28 Day Challenge: Week 1

As soon as I found out I would be in DC for work a majority of the week, I got a little nervous. Not because I wouldn’t be able to find vegan food there but because I wouldn’t have access to my kitchen. I did some research about what was near my office there, and I am very lucky to say there is both a Whole Foods and a Sweetgreen within the block. Whew. The week didn’t actually get difficult until I went to North Carolina for the weekend and there weren’t abundant salad restaurants on every corner.

One thing that I have found surprising is that I’m not that hungry. I was eating breakfast, late morning snack (sometimes), lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. Sometimes dessert. I don’t know if it has been VB6 or a crazy work schedule, but I haven’t been hungry at all. I’d like to attribute that to VB6, simply because it is the most sustainable option.

I’ve seen some definite results this week. I’m definitely less puffy than I was – in both my face and my midsection. I can absolutely say that this isn’t attributable to exercise, given that it hasn’t happened once since last Monday besides hitting my daily step goal. Whoops? Given that I’ve spent 19 hours at home and have been working that much a day, I’m going to cut myself a break.

Okay, so here’s what I ate:

Day 1: Monday

B: on the way to the airport – whole wheat english muffin, crunchy natural peanut butter, banana

L: Sweetgreen Sweet Sabzi salad

S: pretzels + Whole Foods guac

D: Whole Foods hot bar sandwich with chicken, lettuce, avocado, lettuce, onion + carrots + celery

Day 2: Tuesday

B: Whole Foods oatmeal + banana + Justin’s almond butter

L: Sweetgreen Sabzi salad (spoiler: I had this a lot)



Day 3: Wednesday

B: Whole Foods oatmeal with almond butter + banana + coffee.

L: Spicy sabzi yet again, this time with a coworker at the restaurant and not at my temporary desk?

S: Pretzels and guacamole.

D: I had dinner with a friend at Lincoln, which was a really cool tapas-style restaurant on Vermont Avenue. Its specialty is “seasonal small plates,” and so we shared a variety of things: deviled eggs, roasted brussels sprouts, chips + caramelized onion dip, mac + cheese. My friend is mainly vegetarian, and a meal like this definitely makes me believe that I could be.

Day 4: Thursday

B: Whole Foods oatmeal with almond slivers and raisins + coffee.

L: Spicy sabzi strikes again.

S: I think I had some almond butter straight out of the packet at some point on this day, but I can’t guarantee that.

D: I made the mistake of not grabbing something to eat before I got on the plane in DC (the options at National Airport Terminal B are slim, to say the least), and then we had a weather hold for 2 hours on the runway. Needless to say, when I got to ATL at 10 PM, I was starving. The only place open in the airport that looked even remotely good was Qdoba, so I grabbed a chicken burrito bowl with black beans, brown rice, fajita veggies, and corn salsa. Chips and guac on the side. I wasn’t that hungry (just tired), so I only ate about a third of this.

Day 5: Friday

B: English muffin + banana + almond butter + coffee

L: the Whole Foods near my (ATL) office has a great 4 for 4 special on their Health Starts Here options — you get a scoop of 4 different vegan options for $4. I had two scoops of the Brooklyn Health Salad, 1 of the Greek potato salad, and 1 of the 5 Grains, 5 Green salad plus a piece of the teriyaki tofu. Delicious.

S: Sauvignon blanc + Clif peanut butter granola bar

D: ChickfilA grilled chicken nuggets + small french fry + diet dr pepper  + many vodka sodas (long week)

Day 6: Saturday

B: 1/2 banana + Clif Peanut Butter granola bar + apple + potato chips + coffee (I had two breakfasts on Saturday, just like a hobbit)

L: We decided to go to Slabtown Pizza in Cashiers to hang out and watch the World Cup game, and I can say the pizza looked awesome. I had a Greek salad, sans feta and chicken, and it was delicious. I cannot wait to go back and try it. (+ several Miller lights)

D: Headed to Sapphire Mountain Brewing for dinner, where I finally got my pizza! Personal pizza with no sauce + pepperoni + artichoke hearts + mushrooms. So good. I love pizza.

Day 7: Sunday

B: banana + Clif Peanut Butter granola bar + coffee

L: Whole Foods hot bar, yet again – 4 for 4 special with the Greek potato salad, roasted beets, 5 Grains 5 Greens, and California quinoa + teriyaki tofu slab

S: Stove-popped popcorn

D: Breakfast for dinner! Whole Foods whole wheat baguette with avocado and fried eggs + roasted carrots and broccoli

All in all, I’m surprised at how awesome I feel after just a week, and I can’t wait to continue. It hasn’t been hard at all — except for those 4 hours at a Pizza restaurant Saturday afternoon — and I’m definitely been more mindful of everything that goes in my mouth. Maybe Mark Bittman was on to something?


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