Day in the Life: June 26

When I decided to do a “day in the life” post, I didn’t want to stage a perfect day — like, look at me, I’m so awesome and virtuous. So, I randomly selected a few days (May 13, June 26, August 4, September 26, November 3, and December 10), and decided not to do anything completely out of the ordinary. What follows is a true version of what happened Thursday, June 26.


1:24 AM – Wake up to a weird noise right next to my bed. I have been letting Taffy sleep on the bed with me because I’m a sucker I’m lazy I feel bad when I’m gone for long periods of time, and she normally doesn’t move around once she passes out. Unfortunately, that was not the case today, and she decided to not only move around, but eat my Tory Burch Miller flip flops that I wear pretty much every day. I don’t know what prompted it — she never has eaten/chewed anything before — or why she didn’t choose the $5 flip flops next to them, but I guess that’s life?

Now, I’m able to be a little more philosophical about it. That night, I was spitting mad, went down to my car to get her crate out (lazy = hadn’t gotten it out from her weekend away while I was in Detroit), and crated her.

2:10 AM – Finally fall back asleep after watching an episode of the West Wing (Celestial Navigation) to calm myself down.

5:30 AM – Alarm goes off so that I can run before work. Obviously, I’m feeling less than well-rested.

5:41 AM – Finally drag myself out of bed.

5:50 – 6:05 AM – Walk Taffy. I’m feeling a lot light-headed, which is one of the side effects of that iron infusion I had Monday, and I decide to not push it and run after work.


6:06 AM – Have a rice cake with peanut butter while I watch Morning Joe.

6:20 – 6:53 AM – Shower, dry hair, wake up a little bit more.

6:53 AM – Food prep for the day: breakfast and lunch, plus a snack!

7:00 AM – Get dressed, straighten hair, which is easily my least favorite thing to do in the summer time.


7:16 AM – Out the door with a final hug to Taffy. Again, I’m a sucker.

7:28 – 7:31 AM – Starbucks stop! Its a bad sign when the barista looks at me and goes, “Looks like a venti kind of day.” Preach it, girlfriend.

7:36 AM – Arrive at work. Let’s get this party started.

7:48 AM – Try not to cringe when the executive assistant who sits next to me calls me “Liz.” She invites herself into my cube and ends up telling me way more information than I need about things that I don’t concern me. I try to subtly check my email and not focus on the fact that she’s wearing two different earrings. She finally stops talking at 7:59.


8:08 AM – Breakfast of champions: watermelon, english muffin, microwaved egg, coffee, water, and seltzer.


8:26 AM – Bathroom run obviously means bathroom outfit selfie. You’re welcome. Go USA.


8:49 AM- Receive some of the docs I need for today’s TSAP review. Make a printer run and then commence reading about Bangladesh.


9:00 AM- #TBT. Duh.

10:08 AM – Make plans for church and brunch on Sunday because I’ll finally be in town for a weekend!

10:23 AM – Get an email reminding me that my monthly progress report is almost due. How is it the end of June? Seriously.

10:30 AM- Bathroom Break #3 of the day.

10:33 AM – Schedule dryer repair. Last night, as I was trying to dry a load/there was another one in the washer, a really scary burning smell started, and then the dryer just shut off. Thankfully, I rent my washer and dryer, so I have someone to come fix/replace it.

10:52 AM – Oh, so I am going to DC for four days? Cool. I guess I should get on booking my travel.

11:08 AM – Bathroom Break #4 . I have no idea what’s going on with my body today. Start making a chart of high burden and priority countries so that I can keep all 9 million initiatives straight.

11:39 AM – Breaking point! Time to go walk Taffy.

11:41 AM – Call Mom in the car on the way home to hear what’s going on with her.


11:53 AM – Arrive home and look with trepidation at the 3 flights of stairs I have to go up. I went to FlyBarre with some of the lovely ladies I know from JLA last night, and my thighs hurt. It may have been a little too aggressive a jump back into exercise. Take Taffy on her walk. She hunts squirrels, I stalk Twitter as the USMNT game starts.

12:13 PM – Back in car, PB clothes in hand. Taffy is sad. In the car on the way back to the office, I hear the most unoriginal observation about Germany of the day: “the Germans are well-organized.” Thanks for that, ESPN Radio.

12:26 PM – Back at the office!

12:30 PM – Attempt to log on to my computer, but I find out that my SmartCard is blocked. Again. For the second time this month. Looks like I’ll be making another trip to the SmartCard office tomorrow. Luckily I’m able to get the password exemption so I can log on to my computer and get ready for my conference call.


12:48 PM – Realize that my 1.5 hour conference call is about to start, so I run to go heat up my lunch – this kale, black bean, and avocado burrito bowl from Cookie and Kate. At this point, I have decided to do the VB6 challenge in July, so I was attempting to eat more meatless in preparation. I’m so ahead.


1:00 PM – Conference call begins. I spend a lot of time on conference calls because most of the people I work with are in DC, so I just call into meetings (when it isn’t necessary I’m there in person). I’m obviously also “watching” soccer (aka reading the NYTimes live blog because streaming is blocked here) while listening.

1:21 PM – Start eating lunch.


1:59 PM – CCM Dashboard? PR Dashboard? What are these people talking about? I guess I need to pay more attention to the call and not to World Cup.

2:08 PM – This may be my favorite comment of the call: “France refuses to train their people.” Typical France.

2:30 PM – Conference call is supposed to end.

2:42 PM – Finish eating lunch.


2:51 PM – Conference call finally ends, with the promise of an in-person 2-hour meeting when I’m in DC. Immediately stand up to take a lap around the office and make myself a cup of green tea. After that, I continue to work on the spreadsheet until it’s time to head to PB.

3:45 – Pack up stuff, chug last half of tea, and head to the car. Realize that it rained at some point during the day and that I completely missed it. Ah, the joys of windowless workspace.


4:02 PM – Arrive at one of my favorite places ever: Pure Barre Druid Hills.

4:15 – 5:10 PM – Pure Barre

5:16 PM – On my drive home, it starts raining again. I also run into Whole Foods to pick up some stuff for dinner. While in WF, the rain gets really hard. Oh shit, Taffy’s not to going to like this.

5:40 PM – Home!


5:43 – I was right. Taffy is really not a fan of the rain.

5:57 PM – Back inside, and we are both all dried off. I start making the socca crust dough for tonight’s dinner (and another Cookie and Kate recipe).


6:06 PM – Multitasking: checking and responding to work emails, playing fetch with Taffy, cleaning the apartment.

6:45 – 7:15 PM – Head down to the apartment gym to run, but predictably, all the treadmills are unavailable from the rain. End up doing the elliptical machine and watch the rain stop outside.

7:19 – 7:39 PM – Now that its stopped raining (and is 100% humidity), take Taffy on her “long” walk of the day.

7:40 PM – More multitasking: Cook dinner, give Taffy her meds, change out of sweaty gym clothes, switch wet clothes from the dryer into the washer again.


8:12 PM – Dinner — socca pizza with summer squash, chicken sausage, and feta — goes in the oven, and I start to work on the priority country chart again.

8:23 – Dinner’s ready! Eat while working. Party up in here.

9:01 PM – Get to a good breaking point on work, so I decide to call it a day after one more email check.

9:35 PM – My neighbor Charlotte is home from a week out of town. In exchange for her letting me borrow her dryer, I help unload her car. Love a little quid pro quo.


9:47 – 10:02 PM – Taffy’s last jaunt outside of the evening. Mosquito season has officially arrived. Joy of joys.

10:05 PM – Commercial break from How I Met Your Mother = Cleaning up the kitchen and packing leftover socca pizza for lunch tomorrow.


10:25 PM – Taffy and I get in bed for the evening. She immediately starts snoring, and I start reading my book.

10:50 PM – Get to the end of a chapter, so Taffy goes in her crate, the lights go off, and West Wing comes on. I think I make it about 3 minutes in before I go to sleep.

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