Taffy Thursday


One of the big drawbacks to all of this work and travel I’ve been doing is that I don’t get to spend as much time with my best girl. I know, poor me, I had to go to the Four Seasons in Vail, but I really did miss my pup! Just ask her sitter. Last weekend, while I wasn’t here, her sitter started click training her, which is the first step in my master plan: for her to roll over when I say “roll tide!” (Yes, I’m a treat) Other than that (and my being sad to leave her again tomorrow), we had a normal week. GF had a bath, we went on walks and tried not to horribly overhear, and she gave massive bitchface when I left to go to work. Glad that she hasn’t forgotten how life is supposed to be.

so fresh and so clean
Fine. Go to work. I’ll just lay here and be abandoned.
Someone had a case of the Mondays.
Oh, does my staring at you while you work distract you?



A little midday hide and seek!
Mom, its hot. I need to take a breather. Geesh.

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