Week in Review: Foggy

Today is a Monday where I’m channeling Toby Zeigler. Whoops. I feel like I’m going through today in a little bit of a fog. My flight from Colorado (more on that tomorrow!) didn’t land until 10ish last night, and I am just exhausted today. I also feel like a zombie, and one of my coworkers actually commented that I “looked a little off.” Thanks? If only my office had nap pods. How do I get a job at Google?

I could have sworn that I already started to write this post, but I either deleted it or it vanished. Last week was a little bit of a blur — I was only home for four days, and I had Junior League meetings on two nights. That + work + packing + trying to be a real person was a lot. I just have one more wedding in this stretch, and while I’m super excited to go to Michigan, I am also not sad that I’ll be slowing down soon.

photo copy
Some scenes from the week: Wedding in Vail // predawn texts // Taffy doesn’t like Mondays either // snazzy new Mizunos

What I read:

I wish I was as cool as Anyhony Bourdain when he travels internationally. At least I can follow his tips?

I will never be at the front of a pack runner (at least, I don’t think so), and this account of being at the end of a race was thought-provoking and a little heartbreaking.

Some weight thoughts: I enjoyed this about stepping off the scale (and throwing it away), and its something that I’m trying to do. I am working on a non-diet diet — just trying to eat healthfully and intuitively — and this NYMag piece about it was great.

What I ate:

I already detailed my super exciting Wednesday eats, and they were fairly indicative of what I ate all last week. I made the pickled radishes from Cookie and Kate, and I used those as a base for a lot of meals. I’ve been trying to overload on veggies during the week (and when I can control my diet during wedding travel), and if I had to choose a theme for last week, that would be it. Mainly vegetarian, veggies with every meal, all in an attempt to be healthy.

What I did:

This week wasn’t as active as normal because of a variety of factors. I did get fitted for new tennis shoes on Monday (Mizunos!), and the dude at Big Peach told me to ramp up my running slowly in them. My foot still doesn’t feel awesome, so I don’t know what is going to happen at the Peachtree. I am going to try and get back on track with the whole exercise thing this week.

M – Rest, I think?

T- 1.5 miles in the new Mizunos, and while it didn’t feel awesome, it wasn’t horrible. I’m pretty sure I followed this up with some ellipticalling, but maybe not? I told you. I’m foggy.

W- Pure Barre

Th – 1.5 miles, and again, not awesome/not horrible. I probably should go to the doctor.

F/S/S – Tons of walking in Colorado, but no formal exercise besides walking from the steam room to the hot tub and back.

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