What I Ate Wednesday: June 11

I’ve been trying to get back on track with my food logging at MFP, and I had a friend suggest taking pictures of my food for a day to consciously remind myself of what I was eating. I (obviously) decided to give it. try, and since I’ve seen other people post about What I Ate Wednesday, I decided to join. I’m such a follower.

Fair warning: I’ve looked at some of those other posts, and their food photography is beautiful. This is not that blog. All photos were taken with my iPhone, without thought to lighting or composition. Mea culpa.

6:19 AM – 2 Wasa Flaxseed crispbreads with about a tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter before Pure Barre.


Some people don’t have to eat before they exercise in the morning, but I am not one of those people. I generally wake up a little light headed, so if I’m going to do something remotely active (well, more active than walking Taffy and packing my meals), I need something small.

9ish AM – breakfast.

While it is plated here, don’t be fooled. most of it was actually eaten in the car on the way between the SmartCard office and the doctor. I lead an exciting life.


I didn’t end up eating most of it because lukewarm (cold) eggs are not my favorite. Taffy enjoyed her breakfast treat, though!


9:50 AM – Made a stop to get my second coffee of the day, but only because I left coffee #1 at home. This has been happening too much recently. Maybe I just need a permanent IV of caffeine? How can I make that happen?



12:49 PM – Brown rice cake with sun butter. I need to come up with better desk snacks. I’m running this into the ground.


1:35 PM – Lunch time! This was a throw everything in the fridge and hope that it works kind of salad. Kale, farro, feta, strawberries, baked chicken, english cucumbers, and pickled radishes. I made a dressing of a little bit of olive oil, a little bit of pepper, and some of the vinegar from the picked radishes. It was definitely tasty and filling!


5:45 PM – Snack while packing my dinner for a Junior League meeting. I had two more Wasa crispbreads, topped with a thin spread of avocado, an egg (split in half), salt, pepper, and coconut aminos.


Oh, and one of the cookies I was making broke in half when I was taking it off the baking sheet, so I obviously ate that.


7:00 – I had a Fund Development Council meeting that was BYOD (bring your own dinner). I took some chips with a salad of arugula (with a light jalapeno-lime dressing), black beans, onions, picked radishes, feta, and avocado. Enjoyed the pictured blueberry-pomegranate seltzer on my trek across ATL.


Friend Cara brought the wine and desserts to the meeting, and it would have obviously been rude to not partake, right? I had 2 small pours of savignon blanc, and a bomb cake pop from Highland Bakery.




And that was it! All in all, not too bad a day. As soon as my work computer stops acting completely wonky with MFP, I’ll put up my calorie summary. Get super excited.



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