Uh oh

So happy, pre-race! (Yes, this was a #100happydays pic)

Last Sunday, some friends and I decided to run a 5K. It was for a good cause (the Atlanta Children’s Shelter), it would be in Piedmont Park, and Sudie and I both had 4 miles on our Peachtree training plan. So, we decided to run the race then run to brunch. Perfect.

I had no speed expectations for the race (other than to beat my 56 minute 5k with Taffy), I just wanted to run the whole thing. First mile, things went really well. I ran a sub-10 mile, which is my normal non-treadmill boredom speed. I was just trucking along when all of a sudden there was a really weird pop in my right foot/ankle region, and then my right foot basically went numb.

Cue a string of profanities right about there.

I have been really cautious in my training/upping my mileage because my right leg, most of the time, is a POS. I have chronic knee issues, and I had three stress fractures in my right foot last year. It was less than awesome.

So, ankle pop, numbness. Tried to walk it off and that went okay. I walked a minute or two, and then I tried to run again. Again, the numbness started, only this time it was punctuated with a sharp and shooting pain up my right leg. So, I pretty much walked/hobbled the last part of the race, finishing somewhere around 40 minutes (no idea the exact time), hoping all the while that this was a fluke.

Yup. This happened. Pre-second brunch, obviously.

We brunched, I went home and put on both my ankle and knee braces, went to second brunch with Sudie (what? we earned bottomless mimosas), and just did my errands.

My foot didn’t feel awesome, but it wasn’t numb or sending pains up my leg, so I considered that a win. I took Monday off from “formal” exercise, just in case. Yesterday, I set out with a plan: run 1 mile, then assess. Super complicated, I know. At first, I was optimistic. Things felt good, I was moving (slowly) along. About a half mile in, though, things went off the rails again. Numbness and pain started. FML.

I hopped off the treadmill, elliptical’ed for 20 minutes, and thought about what I was going to do. I’m enjoying running, but not enough to hurt myself/have a boot again. #sorrynotsorry. I think part of the problem may be my running shoes — even though I went in to be fitted, I was just given the updated model of my old shoe, and it’s never felt as good as the discontinued version. So, I’m going to go and try another pair out after having my gait assessed, probably tomorrow afternoon.

For now, I think I’m going to switch to another pair of running shoes (today), continue to run in my ankle brace, and keep my fingers crossed it’s the shoes and not me. I have scheduled an appointment with my ortho, but she can’t see me until next week. I’m hopeful I’ll be able to cancel the appointment after switching my shoes though. I really don’t want a boot again (even though I made it look oh-so-stylish.

Gratitous boot collage.

Fingers (and slightly numb toes) crossed.


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