Week in Review: 12

This last week was super busy and super fun, believe it or not. Monday and Tuesday, I was pretty much still recovering from the wedding last weekend, and I went to DC on Wednesday for work. Yes, just for the day. Those trips are about to become more common, so I guess I should get used to it? My work computer has a virus (I don’t think I did anything to do it, but I am afraid I’m going to get in trouble for something), so I worked at home Thursday and Friday, logging onto the system through my personal computer.

I was supposed to go to a wedding in Huntsville this weekend, but on Thursday afternoon, I realized that it wasn’t really feasible. My check engine light came on, my dog sitter fell through, and I felt that tired-sick-dying feeling coming back on like it did last week. I confirmed with my mother (Emily Post 2.0) that it was okay to miss it, and I made my very-last-minute regrets. While I would have loved to see the few people that I knew there, it was a good decision. I needed to sleep and spend some time at home, and I’m thrilled that I’ll have two weekends in a row in Atlanta.

Saturday was an incredibly lazy day – I woke up, watched some Netflix with Taff, sat by the pool with friends, went shopping with the boss lady, made these cake batter blondies (OMG), ate dinner at home and watched more Netflix. (I’m pretty much addicted to Chuck) Sunday was pretty much a perfect day. Slept in (all the way until 740!), went for my 3.5 mile “long run,” brunch at 10th&Piedmont with some friends, long Taffy walk, and a cookout to celebrate Memorial Day. I have no complaints.

What I read:

Harry Potter + Mean Girls = Perfection 

A wonderful (and inclusive) list of some favorite sentences from books. I’ve added like 900 things to my “to-read list”

Why Americans changed the British spellings of words. So nerdy, so cool.

This photo series of people with how much they eat daily was really interesting and completely eye-opening.

Tigers, tigers, leave ’em in a lurch! Things that are only okay to do at Sewanee. Confession: I’ve done all of these.

My new favorite Instagram follow.

La Croix cocktails! 

I want to eat lunch at Google.

What I ate:

This was a week of great eats, both at home and out.

Home: I was pretty basic in my grocery shopping this week, simply because I thought I was going out of town on the weekend/I knew I was going to be out of town Wednesday. Tuesday night, I made a simple stirfry with tofu (using this awesome method from Hungry Hungry Hippie), and I ate that for lunch Thursday (I think?). I also had the same cauliflower salad for lunch, simply because I had the ingredients still around in my fridge (for some reason, I bought two heads of cauliflower last week?). I also made this salad from How Sweet Eats, and OMG, it tastes like summer in a bowl. Definitely on the rotation for this time of year. For the cookout I went to Sunday night, I made these cake batter blondies from Girl Meets Life, and they were decadent, to say the least. I think next time, I’d leave out the white chocolate chips (a little too over-the-top), but everyone loved them!

Out: Monday night was the Junior League General Membership Meeting, and I ended up going out to dinner afterwards with some friends at Vine and Tap. We got there pretty late, so they were out of a lot of things on the menu, but I loved my cubano sliders. The wine list was great, too, and not that expensive, so I look forward to going back (maybe Wednesday of this week?). Also  — woo! Accomplished one of my 2014 goals!

When I was in DC on Wednesday, some of the people that I’ll be working with at the office there took me to Sweetgreen, and I’m so happy this is around the corner from where I’ll be parked at a desk. I had the summer seasonal salad (mint, kale, feta, strawberries, champagne vinaigrette, chicken, and some other things I’m forgetting), and it was delicious. So delicious, in fact, that I’m attempting to recreate it at home.

Sunday, I brunched (definitely making that a verb) at 10th&Piedmont, and I think we already have plans to go back next week after a 5K we are running in the park. I loved my veggie grilled cheese, but there are other things that I’m eyeing on the menu. Also, their drink specials are awesome. Who doesn’t love champagne before noon?

What I did:

This was actually a pretty good week of exercise for me; I finally felt like I was back on the bandwagon, even though I didn’t make it to a Pure Barre class. Next week, I promise! (more to myself than to you). Peachtree training is going well, and I’m loving my cross-training days!

M – 2.5 mile run // 15,339 steps (7.39 miles)

T – 42 min elliptical – I had to finish with 4 miles (crazy person right here) // 17,034 steps (7.61 miles)

W – 2 very, very early miles before my AM flight to DC Overslept, didn’t get home until 10 PM, so a rest day! // 18,305 steps (8.14 miles)

T – 2 mile run // 14,269 steps (6.44 miles)

F – my first Flywheel class! // 15,339 steps (6.81 miles)

My wonderful friend Cara went with me to my first Flywheel class, and I’m addicted. Not really what I needed, another expensive boutique workout habit. I think that I’m going to add it in once a week, then the cost isn’t quite as painful.

S – Day by the pool // 14,870 steps (6.6 miles)

S – 3.5 mile run // 21,600 steps (10.33 miles)


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