Week in Review: 11

Yes, I’m alive. Barely. Last week was an unexpectedly challenging week – I had a surprise houseguest, two super long work days, a touch of allergies/chest congestion/sore throat, and I was out of town for another wedding! I survived it, though, obviously, and I loved getting to go back to my alma mater for a wonderful weekend with some of my favorite people. Hopefully, this week will be a little calmer – but I’m not anticipating it. It is just a busy time of year!

What I read:


Another week, another reason to increase my friend crush on Mindy Kaling.

So, the West Wing is one of my favorite shows (hello, look at my header), and I loved loved loved reading this behind-the-scenes take on the start of the show.

I would buy everyone one of these motivational posters
What I ate:

Given that my Dad was in town, and I started to feel like crap towards the end of the week, I didn’t do much cooking. I actually ate out Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, and then Friday – Sunday, I was out of town. This is not great for my waistline or my wallet, but so long as things calm down soon (well, soonish), it will all be okay.

I did make this roasted cauliflower salad for lunch last week, and it was delicious! I added lentils for some extra protein, and it was incredibly filling. Another great addition to the lunchtime rotation.

What I did:

M: 2.5 mile run
T: Early AM spin
W: 3 mile treadmill run
Th: Sick
F: 2.5 mile run
S/S: In Sewanee for a wedding

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