Week in Review: 9 + 10

It has definitely been an exciting few weeks! Taffy and I were home for another wedding, and then one of my best friends from home was in town this weekend. The weather feels like summer here in ATL, too. I spent an hour outside and came back in with the beginnings of a sunburn. Party all the time around here.

What I read:

Like pretty much everyone of my generation, I love mean girls. I’m not even ashamed to admit i got 12 out of 12 on this Mean Girls quote quiz, and I loved reading some these behind the scenes stories.

I want to be her friend.

One of the coolest things right now in Atlanta is the Beltline, and I love walking/running on it with Taffy. I can’t wait for the whole trail to be finished, and this was a really interesting article about the history, the progress, and the future of the project.

History nerd alert: I loved this map, which lets you watch 1000 years of European border changes in 3 minutes.

Y’all know I love to read, but I actually agree with some of the points in this article about Goodreads. I also love to reread old favorites, and I don’t have time for that — I’m obviously not going to change my goal at this point, but I may reconsider in the future. Reading doesn’t need to be just a numbers game.

Speaking of books, I’m relieved to say that I’ve only read 2 of the 18 most “hipster” books of all time (probably because a lot of them are short story collections).

Two fun collections of Trader Joe’s trivia! Maybe I’ll try to eat my way through TJ’s best selling items. That seems like a  completely healthy goal.

What I ate:

The week before I went to Mobile for the wedding, my fridge was actually pathetically empty. For lunch most days, I had this salad from Cookie and Kate, and I loved it. It was filling, and there were tons of different flavors. Dinners weren’t nearly as organized, and since I don’t have notes on what I ate, I don’t remember anything in particular. Whoops.

I actually cooked for myself last week! What a revelation. I made myself dinner every night and lunch (this favorite standby salad) every day. I didn’t have a strict dinner time meal plan, I just made what sounded good. That included nachos on the multigrain veggie chips from TJ’s (bomb), a wonderful “greek salad” bowl with warm grains that I will be recreating, and breakfast pizza. Nothing too fancy, but all super tasty.

When my friend was in town, we hit some of my favorite neighborhood spots – Timone’s and Bantam and Biddy – and tried somewhere new-to-me for lunch: Folk Art. Inman Park is one of my favorite neighborhoods, though I’m not cool enough to live there, and the restaurant had a really cool look. I got a veggie sandwich, but I watched someone eat a burger, and my conclusion is: next time I’m getting a burger.

What I did:

M – Pure Barre // 15,508 steps (6.89 miles)

T – Pure Barre // 2 mile run // 19,403 steps (8.98 miles)

W – Pure Barre // 16,136 miles (7.29 miles)

Th – Rest day aka I overslept and didn’t have time before work/there were things to do until 9 PM this night for work // 13,917 steps (6.22 miles)

F/S/S – Fell into the “vacation” laziness trap. Still managed to hit all of my steps though!

M – Pure Barre // 14,021 steps (6.31 miles)

T – Accidental rest day // 16,158 steps (7.22 miles)

I went to a celebratory happy hour with friends, and I honestly had every intention of running when I got home. It was getting dark, but I was planning on the treadmill. Unfortunately, when I got home, I walked to the gym area, where there were 2 beer bottles, 2 pairs of shoes by the pool on the way in. Two (obviously) drunk dudes were barefoot racing on the treadmills. I gave up at that point.

W – 2 mile run (17:20) // 20,096 steps (9.32 miles)

Th – PB Fingers Interval Treadmill Workout // 18,880 steps (8.66 miles)

I was able to do 1.86 miles in 20 minutes, which isn’t too bad considering the amount of time you spend walking. I really liked this workout, and I can myself altering it to make it a little bit more challenging (longer times running/longer time overall). My heart rate definitely got up — according to Garmin, my average was 151, which is great!

F- 1 mile run (9:25)// Pure Barre // 19,521 steps (8.8 miles)

This was supposed to be a 2.5 mile run, but a downhill route + the hardest thigh track I’ve ever had at Pure Barre meant that it was shortened. Whoops. I’ll do better next time.

S – 3 mile run // 20,646 steps (9.23 miles)

S – Pure Barre class 100!! // 16,382 steps (7.29 miles)

Some highlights:





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