a comedy of errors, or how I joined the pure barre 100 club



I feel like I’ve been on the cusp of the 100 club forever now. For those of you who aren’t Pure Barre people, you become a member of the 100 Club when you complete 100 Pure Barre classes at a single studio; fairly self-explanatory, right? When you’re initiated, you get to sign the 100 Club barre, you get a fancy pair of red “100 Club socks,” and there is a tutu, at least at Pure Barre Druid Hills.

So, I think its taken me a month to do my “Final 10 to 100” — between work, travel, weddings, meetings, Taffy, and (occasionally) laziness — but now I’m in! I’m done! Only 150 classes until my next milestone.

When I realized last week that my 100th class was going to be Saturday or Sunday, depending on when I chose to go, I decided to go Sunday so that my friend from out of town (and PB’er in Dallas) could go with me. I rounded up Sudie and Liz, and we signed up for the 9 AM class Sunday morning. At 8:30, I walked in, got my normal spot, and put on the fancy new socks I had just been given.

Paraphrase of conversation that immediately followed:

Sudie: You know, I didn’t put on my socks until after class. I felt like I needed to complete the 100th class before I could.

Me: I’m here, I’m going to class — what could possibly happen?

Liz, the receptionist: We don’t have a teacher for your class, she had car trouble and no one else can get here. Sorry, we’ll try to reschedule you all.


Sudie, me, Liz, and Carlie, post attempt number 1 at Class 100.

Yes, that actually happened. Sudie, who had other plans, couldn’t come back that afternoon, but Liz (not the receptionist), Carlie, and I all decided to come back for attempt number 2 at Class 100. After that, we went to get breakfast — because if you can’t work out, why not eat?

Somewhere between 915, when we left the PB studio, and 3 PM when we returned, I lost my brand new, only worn for 5 minutes, possibly jinxed pair of 100 Club socks. I thought for a minute that I left them on the counter at the studio, and if I did, someone accidentally grabbed them as their own. But, by god, I had earned those socks — so instead of getting a “free” pair, I ended up buying some.

The class yesterday was one of the most challenging classes I’ve ever been to. I don’t know why, but it felt like it was 1000000 degrees in the studio, so I was dripping sweat pretty early on. Alice, PB teacher by day and Falcons cheerleader in her free time, is never easy, but her thigh tracks yesterday were harder than usual. She definitely made me earn that 100th class, that’s for sure.

Signing the barre!

But SPOILER – I did. I survived. I didn’t fall and break my leg, which was a little bit of a fear. I also didn’t wear the 100 Club socks, but I do plan on wearing them to my 101st class on Thursday. I signed the barre, I switched from 99 to 100, and I took a cheesy, sweaty photo with the lovely ladies who were there with me.

Rocking the tutu with LIz and Carlie. It was hot, if you couldn’t tell.

In all honesty, I can’t believe that I made it to the 100 Club — I don’t think I’ve ever stuck with one form of exercise for so long, nor have I wanted to do something that many times (if I’m honest). It definitely hasn’t been easy, but it has been an incredibly rewarding experience –and something that I will be blogging about later this week. So, get excited for that.


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