Taffy Thursday


I can’t believe it’s already Thursday! It feels like this week has absolutely flown by, and Taffy and I are so excited to not be hitting the road again tomorrow. We had another fun weekend in Mobile, and she showed once again that she is the best dog passenger (we went to Tuscaloosa “on the way” home, adding 3.5 hours to the trip). Other highlight this week would be getting her summer haircut. I went to a groomer that had been well-recommended by other spaniel owners, but I think the person that Taffy had a different definition of spaniel summer cut than I did. Long story short, Taffy is basically shaved (with the exception of her ears, her halo, and her tail), and I’m not thrilled. I know it will grow back, but it’s just jarring. However, GF didn’t get nearly as hot on our walk yesterday as she had been getting and that was the entire point. It’s obviously been an exciting week in these parts that I was just able to write that much about my dog’s haircut.

at home at my parents’ house.
helping with the wedding set up
I still want to play with the ball, but I’ll also let you rub my tummy.
Um, these are my hash browns, Mom.
On the way to the haircut (fur cut?)
Summer cut. Her fur coat will be back soon, right? RIGHT?!?

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