Week in Review: 8

Last weekend kicked off wedding season with a bang, celebrating two friends in my hometown! I drove back from Mobile on Monday, worked, and headed home again on Friday — it is not that close of a drive that doing that often is ideal. I get to do it again this weekend, too! Other than that, last week was pretty pleasant. Mentally recommitted to exercise and eating healthy, really got to take advantage of the spring weather, oh, and my former boss was confirmed as an ambassador. NBD.

What I read:

I just love Tim Riggins.

This blog post was amazing.

I’m sure some of you have read the NYTimes Guy Fieri restaurant review (if you haven’t, it is a treat), and this analysis of his Las Vegas menu is just as ridiculous.

I have had all of these feelings.

This article, about the founder of Google’s affair with the Google Glass marketing manager, was both interesting and heartbreaking.

What I made:

Again, a pretty lazy week on the cooking front — I don’t actually even remember what I had for dinner any night, so I may be losing my mind. I did make this bowl by Oh She Glows. I think that everything tastes better in a bowl.

What I did:

M – Unexpected road trip to Tuscaloosa, and so I missed PB that evening.

T- Work, work, work.

W – Run 1.5 miles // Pure Barre

T – Run 1.5 miles outside, and it was awesome! // Pure Barre

F/S/S – got all my steps in, but travel/hanging out with college friends/travel again trumped working out. I’m going to have to figure out how to do it on the weekends that I travel.

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