back on the bandwagon?

So, I don’t know what has happened to me the past few weeks.

I actually just had a conversation with my Dad about how I was over 2014, and he agreed. It seems like nothing has been easy this year. I had been on a roll with a lot — being organized, losing weight, exercising regularly, eating healthy, balancing work and life and all that jazz — and I feel like the day that the clock rolled over from 2013 to 2014, all of that went out the window.

Y’all know that I’m making a conscious effort to be happy, and while that is going well, one thing I don’t want to be is fat and happy. Seriously. I have been slacking on exercise, even my beloved Pure Barre, and I haven’t been eating great. Even though the food I’m eating 80% of the time isn’t too bad, I’m eating too much of it. Mindlessly eating is a horrible habit to fall back into.

Granted, I’m noticing this early in the process (my clothes still fit, for example, and the scale hasn’t really moved), but I want to go back to 2013 motivated Elizabeth. I don’t really know how to do that, but I am going to recommit to using MyFitnessPal, which I haven’t been diligent about. I’m going to actually wake up in the morning when my alarm goes off so that I can run before work. Small things.

Today, I’ve been doing well. I woke up before work to run (1.5 miles), I made a healthy breakfast featuring this fancy pants ACV drink from Eating Bird Food, and I have a Pure Barre class to look forward to this evening. I can’t promise what tomorrow — or to be more realistic, Saturday/Sunday — will bring, but I do know that I have mentally hopped back on the bandwagon. Finally.

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