Oh hi.

Yes, I’m still alive. Its been a hellishly busy few days, combined with some travel, some work drama, some meetings, and some more health issues. I’m counting all of this stuff as “April Showers,” so my May better be awesome.

Last weekend, I went to Guntersville, pup in tow, to celebrate my cousin William’s engagement. It was an awesome weekend with family, time on the boat, time party planning, and lots of good food. Seriously. The restaurant scene in Guntersville is better than you’d think. Every time I leave there, I wonder if I could ever do my job from rural Alabama; unfortunately, the (current) answer is no.

We did get some good news from the vet last week for Taffy — she’s out of the danger zone and recovering faster than the vet thought she would. Right now, its either that she’s anemic or that she’s got a mild case of lyme disease (#rescuedogprobs). She is being treated for both, and I’ll know more at her next blood test, which is next Thursday or Friday. Right now, I’m just happy that she’s bouncing back! Whew.

One of the things that I’ve joked about with Taffy’s condition is that it shoes she is really my “daughter” because I’m super anemic. Like, blood transfusion and iron infusion anemic. I’ve been able to manage it fairly well for the past few years, but I’m officially considered anemic as of last Wednesday. I had to go back to the doctor on Monday (making it six business days in a row I was either at a human or a dog doctor) for further blood work. I was given some pretty intense iron pills, even though I don’t absorb them correctly, and I’ve felt pretty terrible the last few days. I’m bouncing back, probably because I halved the dosage, and if I continue to feel less than awesome, I’m going to call the doctor on Monday. Stomach pain + fever  + pollen-induced sinus pain = not a joy to be around.

I’ll be back later with some Taffy Thursday (duh), but that’s a pretty good catch up as to where I am now. Back to normal soon, I hope?

3 thoughts on “Oh hi.

  1. Hey liz, thanks for helping to host the party it was a lot of fun. Maybe the anemia is a genetic thing my mother has serious problems with iron deficiency. Anyways look forward to seeing yall after we get back from Paris. Any thoughts on what we can bring back for you? We are trying to get a list together of things to grab in Europe.

    1. Will, it was so fun to get to see y’all — and celebrate! Plus, I’ll take any excuse to eat cake. Can’t wait to see the pics from Paris, and you don’t have to bring me anything back. I will say that my favorite things to bring back to people pack flat — small pieces of art, scarves, etc. Trust me. I learned my lesson after my first suitcase abroad was like 20 pounds overweight on the return trip.

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