Taffy Thursday


Taffy and I have certainly had a big week this week – some of it super fun, some of it super scary. We went home to Mobile last weekend, and Taffmonster got to meet her puppy-cousin Piper and puppy-uncle Mick. She enjoyed home, I think, and I know that I did. When we got back, we had to go to the vet on Monday for some stuff, and they found that her platelet count was really low. Like scary low. After a whirlwind visit to the emergency vet and an overnight stay for my girl, she’s back at home, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that her treatment worked. I’ll know more later this week, and I’m keeping my hopes up for good news. At this point, good news really means that her condition is manageable, and I don’t think that’s too much to ask. Now for some pics:


Taffy in Mobile
Mom, this doesn’t look like Atlanta!
Taffy in Mick's Bed
Mick, what are you talking about? This is my bed.
Cocker and King Charles
Taffy and her Uncle Mick
Taffy - Saint Francis
Stoic girl waiting for the vet
Taffy - Saint Francis
Twin sad faces at the vet
Taffy - Saint Francis
My girl, on the way home!
Taffy new bed
I don’t like my new bed at all.


Taffy + Squirrel
You got me a squirrel? YOU GOT ME A SQUIRREL!

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