Today is already turning out to be one of those days. Taffy woke up at 3:45 AM, crying to go to the bathroom. She’s never done this – in fact, I normally have to wake her up to go out in the morning – so I knew it was a real issue. We went out, and GF definitely was not ready to go back to sleep. Long story short, I’m still awake, but I’m already done with my half-day of work. Small victories?

I was just wrapping up my What I Read: March post, which takes a little bit of time, and I accidentally navigated away from the page, thereby erasing everything with the “autosave” version that wordpress put in. That wasn’t at all frustrating, since all I had left to do was insert a link or two.

I’m leaving at midday to drive home to Alabama, and my dad just texted me that there are huge bands of thunderstorms the whole way home. Taffy is afraid of thunder, and there is nothing more fun than driving in pouring rain and comforting a cranky cocker spaniel. Nothing.

I know, I know, I’m whining, but sometimes its all a girl can do.

Maybe tomorrow will be better?


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