Week in Review: 4

What I Read:

I know, I know. Something else about books. I love needless trivia, and I love to read, so this list of 43 books you’ll never read the same way again was awesome.

I spent one of my favorite summers ever studying in Oxford, and I’d do pretty much anything to find a reason to go back. This wonderful article from the NYTimes made me extremely nostalgic.

Joanne’s blog is one of my favorites to read (and drool over pictures of cake), and as I’m about to start taking this whole running thing “seriously,” I loved hearing her take on how she became a runner. I also look forward to making this kale tabbouleh. Yum.

Tyra is crazy, yo. 

Now, I’ve tried Crossfit once (oh god, so many burpees), and I’ve read the Divergent series, but I don’t think I would have drawn this conclusion. Still an interesting theory, though?

Like most people around my age, I truly believe that Mindy Kaling and I could be besties. I cannot wait for Mindy Project to return on Tuesday night — like seriously, way toooo excited — but in the meantime, I loved reading these articles: Mindy at Vogue, just being super sassy, and Mindy giving good banter with Mike Schur, former cowriter of the Office and creator of Parks and Rec.


Also, random quiz of the week: Vulture’s emoji movie quotes quiz. I love emojis, and I love movies, so this was perfect. As was I.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.10.36 AM

What I ate:

I made these honey chipotle chicken bowls from How Sweet Eats for dinner two nights this week (well, cooked one night and leftovers the next) and really liked them. I get lazy when cooking chicken, so I really loved the flavor that the marinade provided. The coconut lime quinoa was awesome, and I can see it become a staple. All in all, these were easy to make and easy to eat, so I can see myself making them again.

On Wednesday and Thursday nights, I enjoyed this bacon fried rice with wilted greens by Serena at Domesticate Me!. I pretty much followed the recipe as written, except I subbed in broccoli slaw (it was in my fridge) and baked the bacon. I fear frying bacon. Oh, and I used Martha Stewart’s method for soft boiling eggs — its foolproof. I had no idea that salting the water to boil eggs in would make the eggs easier to peel. Legit game changer. This was very tasty, and even tasty as reheated leftovers. I can see this becoming a part of the regular rotation, especially as a way to use the veggies in the fridge at the end of the week.


This was another week where work kicked my ass, so not much on the workout front. Sadly. I miss it, and I’m looking forward to getting back to it this week.

M: Pure Barre // 15,986 steps (7.09 miles)

T: came home from work to a sick pup, so no workout. Cancelled Pure Barre, just cuddled with Taffmonster // 13,698 steps (6.19 miles)

W: Running around like a chicken with my head cut off at work, didn’t get home until 630. Thank goodness for daylight savings, so we were still able to have a nice walk. // 14,277 steps (6.49 miles)

Th: Chicken with my head cut off, part deux // 19,074 steps (8.47 miles)

F: Part trois // 16,305 steps (7.25 miles)

S: Pure Barre // 16,940 steps (7.6 miles)

S: Hungover as all hell, but still managed a long walk with Taff // 12, 612 steps (5.63 miles)


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