Week in Review: 2

Things I read:

I absolutely love when Rebecca Harrington does celebrity diets — my absolute favorites are Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor — and this week, she tried Pippa Middleton’s. It doesn’t disappoint.

In case you couldn’t tell, I love to read. This link, about how you could read a novel in under 90 minutes, made the rounds last week. I tried it out, and I definitely read faster, but I don’t know that I really want to read faster. For me, reading for pleasure is just that – a pleasure. Why do I want to rush through that?

I loved this video. I actually cried a little bit. Thanks, Anne.

I saw this article on Friday, and I love everything about it. I think that combining nutrition and traditional medicine is awesome, and it makes me happy to be a Tulane grad. 

Random Buzzfeed quiz of the week: Which Pixar Movie Are You?

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 3.27.06 PM


Monday: 1 mile jog // NYTimes 7 Minute Workout x 2 // 17,391 steps (8.04 miles)

Tuesday: Peanut Butter Runner Running 500 Workout // 16,278 steps (7.53 miles)

The PBR workout kicked my ass, to say the least. I worked from home on Tuesday, and I did this at lunch time — 40 minutes, including a 5 minute cool down walk at the end (super impressed Jen did it in 20-ish), and 446 calories. Dripping sweat. Definitely will be added to the rotation.

Wednesday: Pure Barre // 1 mile run // 16,102 steps (7.25 miles)

Thursday: Rest day // 14,880 steps (6.63 miles)

Friday: Rest day // 19,302 steps (8.71 miles)

Saturday: Rest day // 13,871 steps (6.51 miles)

Sunday: Rest day // 7587 steps (3.38 miles)

So, I started strong last week, and then I lost all motivation. I was tired, the weather was gross, work got crazy, and all that. Oh, and Sunday, I was not in a good place. Too hungover to even eat. Excuses, excuses, I know. I’m okay with it, and this week will likely be the same. I have a 4-day work conference, a huge JLA event, and a day trip to Washington. Just trying to fit everything in where I can. Woof.

Things I ate:

I tried a few new recipes this week, all part of my “No more rabbit food” challenge. Instead of taking chicken and roasted veggies for lunch, I made a wonderful Kale, Coconut, and Chicken salad. I actually wish I was eating it again now. Also had these Black Bean and Sweet Potato burgers – but I ate them smashed in a bowl with avocado. Kate’s right; you do need the oil to panfry them. It makes all the difference.


2 thoughts on “Week in Review: 2

  1. Oh celebrity diets…always ridiculous, all the time.

    And I have been meaning to try Kate’s black bean/sweet potato burgers! Good tip on frying them.

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