40 in 60: Check!


Originally I planned to be in the pic (hence the thumbs up), but it was spectacularly unflattering. You’re welcome.

Last Tuesday, I completed one of my goals for 2014 with my fortieth Pure Barre class in 60 days.* I came close to not finishing, and it was definitely not easy, but I am so proud of myself that I pulled it off (hell, that I even tried).

I’ve made it no secret that I absolutely love Pure Barre, and I can’t thank Sudie enough for introducing me to it last September. Seriously. When they announced the 40 in 60 challenge – which breaks down to roughly 5 classes a week – I decided to give it a shot, hoping that I’d do it simply because I wanted the 20% discount on my next package. I knew that it would be physically taxing, but I had no idea about the mental challenge it would be. There were days that the last thing I wanted to do was go to class, but I never regretted one.**

I am definitely more toned (who’d have thunk), and classes have gotten both less and more challenging. Yes, yes, I’ll explain. I had kind of been coasting on the moves – I could do the basics, and yes, it hurt, but I didn’t push myself outside of my comfort zone. By going so consistently and the teachers all knowing me better, I was constantly tweaked. The adjustments got me further into positions — and way more sore — but I feel like I have a much better grasp of how to do the moves. Always a plus. I finally feel like things are clicking, which only proves that practice makes perfect.


actual conversation between Sudie and me post one class during the challenge. #celebstatus

My next milestone will be hitting 100 classes, and as of today, I’ve completed 84. So close, yet so far. I plan on doing a post about the lessons I’ve learned from 100 classes or something cheesy like that, so this is just really to brag that I completed all 40 classes! #notevenahumblebrag

*Technically more than 60 days, but the studio had to close some during the winter that will never end.

**Actually, I had 2 or 3 bad classes during this period, normally when I took outside stress into the classroom, but I don’t regret that I took them.

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