The Cleanse – Reintegration

So, the final phase of the Cleanse — Days 8 – 10 — is reintegration. You are meant to gradually add back in the foods that you’ve eliminated to test your system/see what works and what doesn’t. I did this completely wrong.

Monday (Day 8) – Things went well, but I was super snacky. I think it was a combination of eating too little on Sunday, working at home, and being fairly active both days. I didn’t eat anything that wasn’t “allowed” on the cleanse, thinking that I’d keep up with the nutritional guidelines through last Wednesday. That afternoon, I found out that my dad was coming to Atlanta on Tuesday afternoon and that we had family stuff to do in north Alabama on Wednesday — thus drawing my cleanse to an abrupt end.

Tuesday (Day 9) – Morning went as normal, still not adding anything in. I ended up cancelling Pure Barre and just taking Taffy (and Dad) on a longer walk than normal. That night, Dad and I were both starving — I had an offsite meeting from 1-3 and ended up eating just some broccoli for “lunch” around 330, and so around 6, we went for the fastest dinner option. Dad had a hankering for pizza, so pizza it was. We ordered from Timone’s (the Springer Mountain Farms Chicken Confit Pie with Spinach, Artichokes, Red Pepper Puree & Lemon Zest, if you were curious). So, in one fell swoop, I reintegrated dairy, gluten, and nightshades. Needless to say, my stomach hurt. I have some theories about this, and I plan on talking about it when I reflect on the cleanse — most likely later today, assuming I get my act together. There are no promises. Done — here’s my recap!

Wednesday (Day 10) – Here’s where everything came apart. Dad and I had to be in Fort Payne (a 2.5 hour drive) by 11 AM, and I wanted to get in my workout before we left. So, I went to 6 AM Pure Barre, rushed home to shower, walk taffy, and get dressed. We were amazingly out the door by 815, and Dad desperately needed a cup of coffee — as did I. I reintroduced caffeine with Starbucks that AM, but neither of us ate breakfast. This wasn’t for dietary reasons but because I thought I’d spill on myself in the car. True life. We made it to Fort Payne on time — after some issues with construction (OF COURSE). Lunch was served in the church fellowship hall, and as anyone who has ever eaten in a church fellowship hall knows, there wasn’t much healthy food. I had a chicken finger, some funeral potatoes (fracking amazing), some green beans, and a bite of hummingbird cake – thus bringing back in fried food, starches, and sugar. We drove back to ATL that afternoon, with only a brief detour for a speeding ticket in Rural Cherokee, AL (not even kidding). For dinner that night, we ordered Bantam and Biddy, again at Dad’s request – I had chicken fingers, sweet potato fries, and spinach with garlic. Not that bad but definitely against the spirit of gradual reintroduction.

Do I wish that I could have ended the cleanse as diligently as I started it? Yes. Do I have any regrets? No. Again, things that I’ll touch on in the reflections post later today!


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