I know, I know. I’m the worst. I still owe you the summary of my last part of the cleanse (spoiler alert – your stomach hurts while reintroducing food), my reflections on it, and I finished the Pure Barre 40 in 60 last night– checking off two of my goals so quickly! I’m working on those right now, and if I’m not busy at work today, I’ll get it done super soon.

However, today I wanted to talk about my goals for Lent. I’m Presbyterian, and we don’t “give something up” but rather accept a new challenge during this period. I plan on looking at this time as a way to challenge myself to live more mindfully and more healthfully, not make some arbitrary goal like “no soft drinks.”*

I have a few goals for myself:

1.  No online shopping

Like most people my age, I have a problem with both self control and instant gratification. The emails I get daily from J.Crew, RueLaLa, One King’s Lane, etc etc, just exacerbate this problem, and I end up impulse ordering things that I don’t really need. I’ve been justifying shopping sales because I’m basically shrinking out of my clothes, and I’d prefer to buy things at not full price. However, I’m spending way more than I need to and without any thought to it. So, no online shopping (except books on Amazon, because that’s a healthy habit) until Easter. I have more than enough clothes to get me through to that time of year, and hopefully, I’ll be a more permanent size by then.

2. Add morning workouts back in

I used to be really good about working out in the morning, but I’ve definitely fallen off the wagon in 2014. Between being Polar Vortexed, the unceasing cold weather, and adding Taffy to my life, I just haven’t been that motivated. Who wouldn’t rather cuddle with a pup while reading than go sweat it out? Exactly. I did some mental math this AM, and I don’t think I’ve broken a sweat in 3 weeks. That’s not to say I haven’t been exercising –I’ve obviously been doing Pure Barre, and I walk between 5.5 and 8 miles a day — but it isn’t anything high impact or high cardio.

3. Publix Chicken Fingers only once a week

So I think I’ve said before that Publix Chicken Fingers are my favorite food (besides grilled cheese and pizza – yes, I’m actually a 5 year old), but this is more of a general statement. While I do need to cut down on my CF consumption, its more of what they represent — a lazy way out of not cooking dinner. Most nights, I do Pure Barre until 740, and I have the option of either swinging into Publix and grabbing dinner or stopping at Whole Foods and spending way too much money on a salad. I had been on a roll with meal planning, but again, the tumultuous start to 2014 interrupted that. So when I say no chicken fingers, I do mean no chicken fingers, but I also mean cooking at home for myself and meal planning, at least during the week.

But I do have a reward set up — each pay period during Lent (there will be four, if I’m counting correctly), I’m going to set aside money to #treatmyself after Easter to fun summer clothes. None of my clothes from last year fit, which is both awesome and a pain in the ass. Heading into hot weather and wedding season, I’ll def need to update my wardrobe, and I feel like this is a painless way to do so. It will also give me time to really think about what I want.

*To be fair, last year, I “gave up” cheese. Never again. Cheese is on everything that tastes good.

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