Well, cleanse starts today, but that is basically the same thing, right? I know, I know, I shouldn’t call a cleanse a diet, and one shouldn’t follow a diet anyway (duh, its a “lifestyle change”), but I couldn’t resist the catchy title.

I picked up my cleanse bag Friday afternoon at Pure Barre, and I’m a little more nervous now that I’ve seen what’s in it:


Rejuvenation Oil // Cleansing Oil // Ghee // Castor Oil // Rejuvenation Tea // Cleansing Tea // Rejuvenating Mist

Obviously, I’m most concerned about the Castor Oil day (Sunday), and about all of the “no”s in the diet — caffeine, alcohol, nightshades, bananas, dairy, processed foods, peanuts, Publix chicken fingers. I’m going to do a day-by-day accounting of how these 10 days go, and hopefully, there won’t be any nightmarish stories to report. Oh, and don’t worry — my dinner last night pretty night contained everything that I’m not supposed to eat for the next few days: sweet potato, fried food, cheese, red and green peppers, and a cookie! #worthit


Today is President’s Day, and so I postponed my grocery shopping until today (Sunday grocery store crowds make me anxious), and I meal planned this AM.


Its not that different from how I normally eat, except my dinner is normally heavier. I’m supposed to aim for lunch being the heaviest meal of the day, and I don’t know if that will make me want to go to sleep at my desk. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.


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