Week in Review: 1

What I did:
I had great intentions to get back on the 10K training (that race is getting scary close) but that didn’t happen because I was trapped at home for a good part of the week. I got in one run on Saturday, but I may drop down to the 5K and run the 10K in April (Crescent City Classic). I did make it to Pure Barre a few times, thank goodness, but a majority of my exercise this week came from walking Taffy. At least I got something in?

M: Pure Barre
T: Pure Barre
F: Pure Barre
S: Pure Barre // 2.5 mile run
S: Pure Barre

What I ate:
Nothing very exciting. I was “too healthy” with my snow provisions, and all I wanted the entire time I was trapped at home was pizza. Not even kidding. I did eat a fair amount of chicken fingers (official food of ice storms everywhere), and I made Paleo Pad Thai, which is quickly becoming a standby. Last week, I made these chicken fingers (I know, I know, I have a problem) from Domesticate Me for some friends, and I could eat the Sriracha Honey Mustard on literally everything.

What I watched:

The Olympics, duh. While the Summer Olympics are my favorite (and Atlanta is currently colder than Sochi – wtf), I love anything sports-related and inspirational. Case in point? My favorite bad day movie is Miracle. The unexpected highlight? Johnny Weir’s outfits. Fracking amazing.

What I found on the Internet:

This video about canceling school in NC made me wish that my teachers were more creative back in the day.

Which Friday Night Lights Character are you?  I couldn’t be more pleased by this. #cleareyesfullyheartcantloseScreen Shot 2014-02-13 at 12.27.00 PM


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