Meet Taffy Peanutbutter Bathmat


Or as I’ve started referring to her – my new bestie! I got a text on Saturday morning from my dad, asking if I wanted this beautiful pup, and there was no hesitation! I hopped in my car that afternoon, and we’ve been attached at the hip since then.

She’s about 2.5 (her birthday is September 9, and yes, I’m sure I’ll be one of those annoying pet parents that celebrates it), and she’s a rescue. Her former family (who came up with that awesome name) realized that she needed to be in a 1 dog household — she’s an “alpha female” like her mama — and so now she’s mine! More details later, but this week I’m on “puppy leave,” working from home and bonding with my girl.

She wasn’t the only pup welcomed to the fam this weekend either; my brother got a black lab puppy, Piper, and my parents rescued Mick, a King Charles Spaniel.





So many dogs, so little time!

2 thoughts on “Meet Taffy Peanutbutter Bathmat

  1. […] t I have a pup, and I’m obviously obsessed with her (I mean, how could you not be? Look at those ears!), I’m going to feature photos of her on here every so often. I couldn’t ignore the obvious alliteration, so it looks like it will be on Thursdays! This week, we’ve been able to spend a ton of time together because I live in #atlantartica, and I think its really helped with our bonding. She’s pretty much my shadow. […]

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