In the span of 20 minutes yesterday afternoon, my insurance company valued my couch at $71.47, and I was charged $60 to have my watch battery replaced. This is pretty much a summary of how my life is going these days.

I had hoped to be writing something along the lines of “yay! construction went quickly! i get to go back to my apartment early! sparkles, unicorns, and cupcakes!

Obviously, I was fooling myself.


Earlier this week, I was told that construction on my apartment would start Thursday morning, meaning that I would be able to move back in on Tuesday — after sheetrock, baseboards, and crown molding was installed, the apartment was reinsulated and repainted, and new carpet was put down. When I stopped by yesterday after work (and a horrible conversation with my incompetent insurance claims adjuster), nothing had happened. No one had even walked into the apartment. I may have cried a little lost my mind not reacted well.

I’m not going to vent to the internet — that honor is saved for my parents and the unlucky friends I’m squatting with — but I’m so frustrated that I can’t really see straight. I even cancelled Pure Barre and that sometimes is my favorite part of the day. Fingers crossed this all gets resolved eventually, and hopefully, next time I write, I won’t be despondent. I do have a lot of fun things come up — 5K on Saturday morning, family coming to help me move back in visit, dinner somewhere fun tomorrow night. But for now, ugh indeed.


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