day 10: still squatting.

Just a quick update on the week/the state of the apartment. So, as I have mentioned, my apartment was polar vortexed last week, and I’ve gone from hotel to hotel to two friends’ apartment (they are awesome). This weekend, I’m going to stay with family in north Alabama (also awesome people), and then I’ll be back to Atlanta on Monday. I have places arranged to stay through next weekend, and I was hopeful that I would already be back home at that point; to be frank, I am no longer that hopeful.

Quick timeline of events:

Jan 7 – Initial Polar Vortexing
Jan 8 – Jan 12 – Drying out the apartment (thanks, ServPro!)
Jan 13 – Things fall (even more) apart

On Monday, they did a sprinkler test (of the fire alarm pipes in the attic above my apartment that originally exploded), and the sprinklers failed. There was another leak, and it sent water all over my living room — dousing everything that had just spent 6 days drying. That event prompted my first second third meltdown, but the first one that I directed at the property manager. Since then, they’ve been a little more communicative.

Jan 16 – E gets the news the apartment is still “extremely damp”

That’s it. That’s all I know. No timeline, no expected (re)move in date. Nothing. It’s driving me crazy, but there is nothing I can do about it.

On top of that, I found out that I obviously wasn’t really paying attention (or they weren’t clear, I can’t decide), and the “cleanse” is a strict 10 day program that starts January 27, and involves all kinds of scary sounding things. I’m going to go to (another) info session Monday night, but I think I’ll do it. Hopefully from my own home.

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