let’s try this again (for real this time)

I’m the first to admit that last week was just awful. My apartment and my car were both polar vortexed (yes, I’m making that a verb), I had an allergic reaction to the insulation dust in my apartment, I was basically a refugee* in my own town.

I didn’t exercise, I ate what I wanted, consumed massive amounts of both coffee and vodka — it was awesome, but not in the spirit of healthiness that I was trying to start the year with. Today, I’m hitting the restart button. I jokingly told family members that 2014 was going to be my year, and I continue to (naively?) hope that it will be. For my purposes, 2014 starts tomorrow — last week was an aberration. I have asked myself many, many times who I karmically pissed off to have a day like I had last Tuesday, but I’ve decided to look at the positive. (Obviously, still working on finding the positive).

I’m going to restart the challenge tomorrow. I have wonderful friends who have taken me in, and so I’ll have access to a fridge/kitchen/other good things. Let’s do this. Again.

*not trying to be insensitive about actual refugees (hello, I work in public health and human rights is a massive part of that), just exaggerating for hyperbolic effect.

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