Holistic Health Challenge: The Details

so, as i mentioned, one of the reasons that i started this blog (besides sharing my innermost thoughts with people on the internet) was to detail a “cleanse” that i’m doing as a part of my pure barre 40 in 60 challenge. on saturday afternoon, i attended a beyond the barre seminar led by anna russ, an ayurvedic practioner here in atlanta.

don’t worry, when i first heard ayurvedic, i had no idea what that meant either. after copious use of wikipedia research, i had a basic understanding of the tenets of ayruveda, which deserves a post of its own so that this doesn’t become tolstoy-esque in length.

the cleanse, which i think i’ll refer to as a challenge because cleanse makes me think of the beyonce cayenne pepper cleanse, started this morning — and i am already craving a cup of coffee! there are a few guidelines, which i’ll just share the basics of:

  • no caffeine, no alcohol, no soft drinks — just water, vegetable juice
  • no nightshade vegetables — potatoes, eggplants, peppers, or tomatoes
  • no oranges or grapefruits
  • no refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup
  • no gluten or corn

there are several things that i’m most concerned about:

  • no coffee, no caffeine in anything

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. I have a huge caffeine dependency — at least 2 cups of black coffee, maybe a cup of tea after lunch if I’m feeling sluggish — but its off limits for the next 60 days. I feel bad for my coworkers.

  • no alcohol

I’m going to New Orleans twice in this time period (at least, plan to head there twice), I’m 27 and a lot of my social life revolves around bars and meeting for drinks, and there are a few other occasions sprinkled in.

  • i’m losing a lot of my go-to meals and snacks

My favorite snack these days? Sprouted grain bread with peanut butter in banana. No longer supposed to have peanut products, gluten, or to combine fruit with other foods. My make ahead breakfast for the last few months? A bastardization of this quiche from Iowa Girl Eats, but made with no crust; I also added greek yogurt for extra protein, and red peppers and mushrooms for more veggies. No yogurt, no red peppers on the cleanse. How many sweet potatoes do I eat in a week? Probably around 5 — and they are on the “no” list, as well. I know I’ll adapt, but to go to the grocery store yesterday and not have any of this on my list was a little weird.

  • no cheese

I try not to eat a lot of cheese in general, but I do love it. I gave it up for lent last year, and I realized that cheese is in pretty much everything that tastes good. But I’ve done it before, so I (think) I can do it again!

  • no gluten

Like cheese, gluten is in a lot of things that taste good. I know that gluten free cookies/pizza/bread etc are everywhere, but I don’t plan on purchasing any of them because I think that’s against the spirit of the challenge.

one of the big things with ayurveda is “balance,” and anna wants us to focus on making sure our food choices are as alkaline as possible. this is something that i’m currently reading about (well, will be reading about after work), and I hopefully will have a better grasp on it by the end of the day.

later this week, when i’ve hopefully figured out things a little more for myself, i’ll write about combining foods for maximum balance, and a little more about ayruveda.

8 thoughts on “Holistic Health Challenge: The Details

  1. I’m confused – what are you supposed to eat on this “cleanse”? it seems you have eliminated all of my food groups…

    1. i know! you can eat any vegetables (except for the nightshades), any fruit (except for those listed), eggs (thank god), organic lean meat and fish, quinoa, beans. i made something called paleo pad thai tonight. who am i?

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