Pure Barre 40 in 60: It Begins


i started pure barre late last september, at the urging of by PB-obsessed friend sudie. i was skeptical going in, but i quickly came to love it and how it challenged me. my first month happened to coincide with a 20 class in 30 day challenge that the studio was hosting to celebrate its grand opening, and being the competitive person i am, i had to finish it. i did, and i ended the month even more in love with it.

to start the new year, my studio is hosting a 40 classes in 60 days challenge, and i’ve signed up for it. as of now, i’m 2 classes in (only 38 to go!), and i can’t wait to continue. i’m excited as this will help me move past a seven-day bender slightly overindulgent christmas period and get me stronger for 2014.

one of the aspects of this challenge is a holistic health challenge, which i attended a workshop about on saturday. i told them i could do anything so long as i could keep my coffee (me + no caffeine + early morning workouts = nothing that anyone needs to see), and i’m both excited and apprehensive to see what this will bring. more on that later though.

my PB studio (druid hills) is just transitioning into “phase 2” classes after it opened in september, and things have gotten way more challenging in the last few weeks. not that classes were ever easy, but i felt like i had a fairly good grasp on the basic movements. no more. i’m sure by the end of these 60 days that i will feel like i have this grasp again — and i’m sure that things will only get harder again!

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