why now? why a blog?

one of the things that i did to kill time in the library during law school was read blogs — “healthy living” blogs, travel blogs, food blogs; some i loved, some i read just to mock the authors. over the past year, i had what i dubbed “the year of elizabeth,” where i focused on getting healthy, getting fit, and yes, losing weight (35 pounds down, an unknown amount to go). all of the people that i found who blogged about it sugar coated the experience in a way. well, let me just say, losing weight is sometimes no fun, its frustrating, and at times, it just sucks.

i told this to one of my cousins over christmas, and she said, “you should write a blog about that.” then, when i told other friends and family members that i was going to try to do a 60-day holistic health cleanse through my pure barre studio (#dietstartsmonday), i was told that i should write up my experience. so, here we are.

obviously, this won’t all be about healthy things, but about exploring my semi-new-ish hometown (only lived here for 18 months?), books i’ve read, things i’ve done, trips i’ve taken, and the like.

oh — and the name of the blog is a bastardization of one of my favorite west wing quotes/the story of my life: “honestly? i am dumb. most of the time i just play smart.” truer words were never spoken, sam seaborn.


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